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    Ensuring Access to Physical Rehabilitation Care

    Looking ahead to 2016 and beyond As we prepare to open the door on a new year, I know I speak for everyone at Helen Hayes Hospital in saying we stand ready to care for each and every patient who turns to us for treatment. We all know how suddenly lives can change – a […]

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    The Helen Hayes Hospital Foundation. Proudly supporting the region’s premiere physical rehabilitation hospital

    In my travels around Rockland and Orange and Bergen Counties, I find that many people know about Helen Hayes Hospital, and the excellent rehabilitation services it provides. Some (of a certain age) know who Helen Hayes MacArthur was (hint-First Lady of the American Theater). But very few seem to be familiar with the Helen Hayes […]

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    Stay Healthy this Holiday Season – Lifestyle Tips to Combat Stress

    We are all faced with stress at some point in our life. Stress can be related to work, finance, social and family issues or simply feeling there is not enough time in the day. When you are faced with stress, your body responds by producing a hormone – cortisol. Cortisol prepares your body for a […]

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    Benefits of Inpatient Rehab Following Joint Replacement Surgery

    Why Inpatient Rehabilitation after a total hip or knee replacement verses just going home from the acute care hospital? This seems to be a question that comes up within the rehabilitation community. From working first hand on the inpatient orthopedic unit at Helen Hayes Hospital, a number of reasons come to mind. First, achieve faster, […]

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    CRT – Assistive Technology for Schools

    The Center for Rehabilitation Technology provides a variety of assistive technology services which can be tailored to the needs of school children with disabilities. The focus of these services is to identify and provide adaptive interventions which reduce the barriers to academic progress related to a child’s sensory, physical, or learning disability Augmentative/Alternative Communication This […]

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    CRT – Clinical Services

    Founded in 1987, the Center for Rehabilitation Technology (CRT) specializes in the application of technology to assist people with disabilities, of all ages, to increase their independence. We offer evaluation, training, custom design and installation for a wide variety of assistive technologies. The Center helps individuals with a range of disorders, including: Spinal Cord Injury […]

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    Rehabilitation Research

    Research at Helen Hayes Hospital Dr. Newton Shaffer, the hospital’s founder and a prominent New York City orthopedic surgeon, first conceived of a unique hospital for children with disabilities in 1896. His vision of a facility that would treat the “whole person” provided the cornerstone for a research program focused on the sequelae of a […]

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    The Benefits of Meditation in a Rehabilitation Setting

    An adjunct therapy that speeds recovery My name is Sarah White and I am a Licensed Mental Health Counselor. I have worked at Helen Hayes Hospital for four and a half years, starting as a Case Manager and in 2014, jumping at the opportunity to take a position with the Psychology department as a liaison […]

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    Hidden in Plain Site – The Impact of Alcohol Disorders on Health and Rehabilitation

    This is a topic that may be disturbing to some readers and in my opinion, it should be. As a psychologist Board Certified by the American Psychological Association in the Diagnosis and Treatment of Alcohol and Other Substance Use Disorders, I see and hear on a daily basis, both here at Helen Hayes Hospital and […]

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