Learning Center Rates

The Jan and Niles Davies Learning Center

Full-Time Enrollment

Infant Room $287.00 per week
Toddler Room $287.00 per week
TLC Threes $258.00 per week
Preschool Room $238.00 per week

Part-Time Enrollment

Infant Room $65.00 per day
Toddler Room $65.00 per day
TLC Threes $59.00 per day
Preschool Room $54.00 per day


Parents who have a child enrolled in the Universal Pre-Kindergarten program and attend the Center five days for the full day will have their tuition reduced by $60.00 per week. Children who attend TLC less than five days a week will have their tuition reduced $12.00 a day. These reductions will only take place for 10 months from September to June when school is in session. Full tuition must also be paid on weeks that UPK is not in session. (ex: Holiday weeks, Spring Break) if your child attends TLC.

Daily/Holiday $ 65.00 per day*
Drop in hourly emergency care $ 15.00 per hour
(as space available) *Includes lunch and snacks

Sibling Discount

15% off the fee of the lowest fee you are billed.  For example, for a child in the infant room and a child in the Center’s Threes room, you would receive 15% discount on the Center’s Threes fee.

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