Patient Outcomes
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  • An important measure of quality of care is patient outcomes. At Helen Hayes Hospital, we are extremely proud to report our outcome scores and share them with you here. We continually strive to further improve these scores and provide our patients with the care and services they need to reap the maximum rewards from rehabilitation.

    Helen Hayes Hospital participates in the following nationally recognized databases that allow us to compare ourselves and our patient outcomes against other facilities, both regionally and nationally:

    • eRehabData – measures the patient’s functional gains during their acute rehabilitation hospitalization
    • IT HealthTrack – assesses the patient’s status three months after discharge
    • Press Ganey – measures and tracks patient satisfaction with hospital facilities, programs, services and staff

    Click here to watch Daymon’s patient outcome video

    Provided here is detailed information (in PDF form) on the most recent Helen Hayes Hospital patient outcomes.

    Overall Facility Outcomes
    Amputee Outcomes
    Cardiac Outcomes
    Hip Fracture Outcomes
    Joint Replacement Outcomes
    Stroke Outcomes
    Traumatic Spinal Cord Outcomes
    Traumatic Brain Injury Outcomes
    Non-Traumatic Spinal Outcomes
    Non-Traumatic Brain Outcomes
    Multi-Trauma Outcomes
    Pulmonary Outcomes

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