May is Osteoporosis Prevention & Awareness Month
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  • Follow these tips for healthy bones!


    • Smoking Harms Bones. By Quitting smoking you can improve the quality of your bones and your overall health.


    • The formula for Stronger Bones: Get the Recommended C (Calcium) + D (Vitamin D) + E (Exercise)


    • Know Your Osteoporosis Risk Factors

    o      Older Age

    o      Female gender (but men get it too!)

    o      Menopause

    o      Smoking

    o      Too little calcium or vitamin D

    o      Not enough physical activity

    o      Certain diseases and/or medications


    • Height loss of more then 1 ½ inch indicates that you may have osteoporosis! Speak to your healthcare provider for more information.


    • Take safety precautions to prevent falls and prevent broken bones!
    • Exercise safely and stay physically active for stronger boness

    • Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables for stronger bones.

    • You are never too young or too old to take actions to promote stronger bones!

    • Building strong bones during childhood and adolescence can help to prevent osteoporosis later in life.

    Take these steps to promote strong bones for life!

    o      Eat a variety of healthy (nutrient-rich) foods every day with plenty of fruits and vegetables

    o      Get the calcium and vitamin D you need every day

    o       Be physically active.

    o       Don’t smoke

    o       Limit Alcohol


    -Jeri Wanzor Nieves, PhD

    Associate Professor of Clinical Epidemiology and Nutrition

    Director, New York State Osteoporosis Prevention and Education Program

    Clinical Research Center

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